Carpet flooring in Burnsville, MN & Twin Cities metropolitan area

At Infinite Floors Kitchens Bathrooms, we carry endless amounts of patterns, colors, and styles of carpet in Burnsville, MN, allowing you to transform your home into a warm and welcoming space! An extremely popular flooring option, carpet is quiet and cozy and comes in virtually infinite colors and textures.

A great option for homes, we can help walk you through different carpet options for your home. If you’re searching for carpet stores in Burnsville, MN or carpet near me, you’ve found the right place! Reach out to us today to set up a free consultation!

What you should know about carpet

Commonly used in living rooms or bedrooms, carpet is long lasting and durable, and works well in most rooms of your house. Made out of woven fibers and two layers (the fabrics and backing), carpet flooring is great for areas with heavy traffic, and provide a soft, plush feeling underneath your feet. However, carpet should not be used in your kitchen or bathroom, since this can lead to rapid mold growth due to high humidity levels.

Choose carpet flooring in Burnsville, MN from Infinite Floors Kitchens Bathrooms for your flooring project

We can recommend carpet for your Burnsville flooring project since, in addition to being stylish and beautiful, it provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere for your home. More importantly, carpeting can help reduce slips and falls, which is unfortunately very common among younger children and the elderly. Carpet is also relatively affordable when it comes to flooring options, and will last for years and years with relatively little maintenance. Want to learn more about Infinite Floors Kitchens Bathrooms, one of the top Twin Cities carpet stores? Give us a call today to set up an appointment or stop by our carpet flooring store in Burnsville, MN.

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